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“Health is priceless, Yoga is a lifestyle of happiness, and Nutrition is medicine and a cure for the body.” – Beatrice Sargin Ereziwosa


Beatrice S. Ereziwosa

You are special. Your needs are essential. You deserve to take time to replenish your strength.

I have a passion to nurture others. But I’ve learned how to care deeply when I turned this passion inwards ~ nurturing myself, and recovering from depletion and burnout.

I love coaching women in nutrition and movement, however the more women I coached, the more it was clear these women all share a common need that needs to be met.

The need to Refill.




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What My Clients Say About Me

Yoga is an amazing experience when two hearts work towards the same goal, HEALTH. It’s a thing of joy to impact happiness in the lives of individuals for holistic benefits. – Beatrice Sargin Ereziosa

“Beatrice will completely transform your mindset towards food and your relationship with your body in Yoga. I’m now kinder to myself and am happier, not just because I lost weight, but because I learned to appreciate and take care of myself.”

Liseny R.