1. Ashtanga Yoga

5 reps 7 minutes

2. Hatha Yoga

12 reps time as needed

3. Vinyasa Yoga

4 reps 6 minutes

4. Jivamukti Yoga

4 reps 6 minutes

5. Bikram Yoga

6 reps 3 minutes

6. Kripalu Yoga

6 reps 2 minutes

7. Iyengar Yoga

3 reps as per breathing

8. Sivananda Yoga

3 reps as per breathing

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The word Go also means “light”, so gomukh may refer to the light in or of the head, or lightness of the head. The asana gets its name because the thighs and calves of the person performing it resemble a cow’s face, wide at one end and tapering toward the other.