Children's Yoga

Children’s yoga is an exciting method of teaching kids to succeed in life and introducing them to fun as well.

Now that we know kids do have their yoga, how can we introduce it to our today’s kids? So, kids, these days are easily distracted but they are never distracted from what seems to be fun. It calls their attention. You can create awareness for them about their breathing exercises. Act it out, make it fun, give them something good to watch, and laugh about yoga while trying to engage them and educate them on how it can help them stay healthy.

Watch kids’ yoga videos with them, meditate and breathe together. Act out books and give them a special yoga space to practice. Kids yoga is quite interesting, especially with songs, this can be done indoors or outdoors (when you can pretend to be animals in creating awareness of nature and the world around them).Yoga provides training to the body and mind thereby bringing emotional balance. It also helps to promote physical strength and flexibility for our kids.

Mountain pose is one of the first yoga poses that children learn in yoga. This helps them to work on their core strength and their balance. There are Six Yoga Poses for children who need to calm their anxieties are;

  1. Cat-Cow
  2. Tree Pose
  3. Sleeping Pose
  4. Downward-Facing Dog 
  5. The Warrior Series. 
  6. Happy Baby