Nature Awareness

Yoga can help to create awareness of nature, one breath at a time


It’s interesting to know that Awareness is a universal concept. The very first element of Nature awareness in Yoga is practicing Yoga outdoors. Yoga naturally feels different when we place our bare feet uneven beneath the ground and that is where we need to make effort from our core to find our right standing balance pose.

Yoga came into existence by observing the laws of nature, understanding the environment, and animals, and learning to understand how to balance human beings and the five-element (air, water, fire, earth, and space). Practicing yoga outdoors connects us to our environment, and we grow more love for our surroundings and ourselves.

The natural environment matters, it’s best to be serene for an amazing experience. Keeping our environment clean is essential. You can’t be comfortable doing yoga when the place is filthy and smelly. You can’t also be comfortable when there are broken bottles or unsafe materials when you want to do yoga barefoot. That would be dangerous. If you love nature and what it brings. You can keep your surroundings clean, and take time to tidy up things.


Yoga blends with ecology very well. Both explain that all things are connected. Once we believe this, we do things in order for our happiness. Connecting with nature is an awesome feeling, learning to concentrate and listen to the natural rhythm of your breathing to build harmony with the air currents of nature and gentle breezes. Breathing slowly in nature allows you to fall deeply into your yoga pose hence releasing all bad energies from you.

Benefits of Nature awareness
  • Outdoor yoga helps to further boost the benefits of meditation.
  • Performing yoga in a new environment can help build confidence.
  • Spending quality time in nature can help to replenish depleted energy.
  • Natural scenery helps to heighten one’s awareness.