Yoga Resort

When it comes to yoga exercises, people have their choices. And Beatrice Yoga trains you on the different types of yoga at a pace you are comfortable with. We will give you different yoga practices that will deepen your understanding and fast-track your journey towards self-realization. 

Family Yoga Resort

We will help you feel better in your body and mind by introducing you to the best Yoga techniques for you and your family. It is our duty to ensure that Yoga can be more fun when done with the members of your family.

Beauty Yoga CLass

Yoga has the tendency to rejuvenate your skin and brings out your gorgeousness by improving your physical skin condition and appearance. Yoga can make you beautiful by helping you achieve your true inner and external beauty like a slim figure, flawless glowing skin, and hair.

Fit Yoga CLass

We will help you attain self-realization and enlightenment through our blend of physical, mental, and spiritual forms of yoga practices. Keeping fit is a lifestyle and we have a desire to help you attain your fitness goal and enhance your flexibility with yoga.

#1 Resort Class

#2 Yoga Class

One way to invest in our kids is to expose them to the science of Yoga. Our kids today tend to lose focus a lot. We as parents can help them to deal with these distractions, temptations, overstimulation, and peer pressure by introducing them to Yoga for kids. Yoga is not just for adults. Yoga can be taught to children as though treating them to games. You can include songs or storytelling thereby aiding a new learning process for them while they have fun.

Yoga for pregnant women is indeed healthy for mother and baby and it is also an excellent way to stay active. The breathing and relaxation techniques for pregnancy reduces anxiety and aids sleep which is vital for health. Starting prenatal yoga in any trimester can help mothers to be better relaxed and create a positive mindset for them while preparing to go into labor. Yoga also helps pregnant women to regulate their blood pressure, cut unnecessary risks of preterm labor and other complications of childbirth by increasing stability.

Clearly, Yoga was born in the woods and came into existence by purely observing nature’s laws, the surrounding environment, animals, and the balance between humans and the five elements. Practicing Yoga in the freshest and purest air that nature provides in abundance helps to increase our level of alertness thus bringing us closer to ourselves and our world. Yoga can be done anywhere! Parks, mountaintops, indoors, beaches, and even your backyard

Yoga helps to boost your physical and mental fitness by improving strength, flexibility, balance, lowering the resting rate of the heart, improving sleep, getting rid of stress, increasing endurance, improving your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise, and more.

Yoga is medicinal, it helps to ease the pain on the lower back by gently strengthening and stretching the lower back and legs muscles thus increasing the circulation of blood which in turn stimulates and releases healing nutrients to the body’s injured tissues.