Why Practice Yoga?

Often times people like to ask this question. Why practice yoga? Generally, when people are asked why practice yoga, a layman’s thought will just be very simple it improves our health in many ways.  This is true. Have you ever asked this question previously? If Yes, I’d like to say that, to everything, there are always benefits. and we will be discussing four (4) simple reasons why.

  1. Frequent Yoga Improves Flexibility.

    Yoga poses like power yoga (athletic yoga) for instance when held for several rounds of breath serves to create a deep connection to your muscle tissue, giving room for stretching and expansion. Yoga poses intentionally stretch out your muscles and thus increase your motion range. With regular practice, they’ll improve your flexibility

  2. Frequent Yoga Practice Helps to Reduce Stress.

    Frequent yoga poses help to stabilize our physical and mental states triggering a hormone that helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Some people have figured out a way to use foods to cope with Stress.

  3. Why Yoga practice helps to promote sleep

    This is a good option for you if you are finding it hard to sleep properly after your day’s job. Yoga promotes sleep when done continuously as a habit.

  4. Frequent Yoga Helps To Build Strength.

    Frequent practice of yoga helps to build the body’s lean muscles thereby improving your strength.

    Our last post on Yoga made us understand some brief protocols and the importance of Yoga as an art in our today’s world.

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